West Coast Animal Rescue (WeCARe) is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization that encompasses animal rescue groups, including Sparky and the Gang in Long Beach, CA. Contributions/donations are tax-deductible (as permitted by law).

WeCARe is honored to have known and loved Hank the Tank.

We’d like to keep Hank’s memory alive. We rescued four puppies in his honor on the same day he crossed the rainbow bridge and we’d like to help more; dogs who suffered severe neglect and have been abandoned by society. If you’d like to donate towards another dog that will be rescued through the Hank the Tank fund, we know it would make him smile!

We had heard about a stray dog, covered in mange, living on the streets. While looking for him, this little Poodle mix was found living in a pile of garbage. We couldn’t turn our back on him and he was off to Long Beach to see what our vet’s could do for him. It wasn’t until he was on his way that we were told he didn’t appear to have any use of his back legs, so we weren’t sure what we’d find when he got here.

We had never seen anything like little TJ. His hair was as hard as a tortoise shell and caked in dirt, feces and foxtails. He is now safe with us, as shown in his video (above), and we will do everything we can to give him the happy and full life he deserves. He’s an adorable, sweet, six month old puppy that is just learning what it feels like to have someone care for him and one day soon he is going to make some lucky family very, very happy!

This link will take you to the beginning of TJ’s story.

If you’d like to donate towards his care, this link is dedicated to TJ. Thank you!

In March, 2013, we saved another dog from Mexico. Rosarita had terrible mange, was swollen beyond belief, and appears to have been hit by a car. Watch her video here.

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